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Brief 2002: To create branding, wireframes and .css for the 24HM. Working closely with the editorial team, the Brand for this site was developed to create a bold bright identity which would sustain a fresh look number of years. It was important that the design principles allow for a style which would allow a number of genre to be displayed in one virtual space.

Results: The site won numerious awards for content and design.

Brief 2007: To re-brand the 24HM — under the new name culture 24 - making sure that the brand is strong enough to seem fresh, while maintaining the existing followers.

Results: Launched February 2008.

Sector branding

24 Hour Museum/ Culture24:The only official National Virtual Museum. The site is funded by the Department of Culture and Sport and it is updated by a growing inhouse team editorial team. The site provides a portal to over 3000 museums in the country to register and promote their events.

This BAFTA award winning site runs off a CMS built by System Simulationwith branding designed by SpinningTop Procuctions.